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I left a negative review 3 days ago, about your driver having road rage issues. You evidently didn't appreciate my opinion since you have already taken it down. It did happen.
unfortunately this will prolly not find its way to your website but just in case- you have a driver who was very discourteous,and they decided to tailgate,switch lanes in a road rage like move. seriously because i was in front of them.... please ask them to chill. ty
Thank you for taking care of my baby! 96 F-350 4 door Dually. Rates are fair, service is outstanding! Thank You, Mick.
Mick McJunkin
My first towing experience was made much better by your excellent service. My family was stranded along I-35 a very long way home from home. I appreciated the extra efforts made in finding a driver that was willing to come out so late at night and get us home safely! Friendly and professional service!
Heidi Obermeyer
So I guess the drivers go to /our car twice before towing it. Also they have cameras on the back of the trucks. In sorry I'm a dispatcher and this is not a fact also drivers should be able to tell you to be there
They are so nice and have reasonable prices.